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Too much to do and too little time...

Pension scheme trustees have a wide and growing range of responsibilities on their hands.

An effective and well-governed trustee board is vital to ensuring that these can be duly yet efficiently fulfilled. To help with this, the Pensions Regulator expects trustee boards to “carry out an annual evaluation of the performance and effectiveness of the board as a whole”.

But what does “effective” look like? A clear theme emerging from the Regulator’s research is that effectiveness extends beyond the operational aspects of running the scheme – the behavioural and team dynamics of the board are just as important.

Our approach to effectiveness reviews allows pension scheme boards to assess and improve in both these areas. Through our work with trustee boards and our partnership with Lane4, you can be well on your way towards being a true 21st Century Trustee.

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Our partnership with Lane4

Lane4 is consultancy co-founded in 1995 by Olympic Gold Medallist swimmer Adrian Moorhouse, and is now a leader in the field of human performance. Their training and coaching programmes are underpinned by rigorously researched frameworks, focused on helping teams understand and improve in areas that lead to high performance.

Their support is customised to help trustee boards meet their own specific needs, as well as those brought about by the UK pensions landscape. Trustee boards will also benefit from Lane4’s wider experience of working with teams in fields like business, sport, medicine and the military.

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Claire Whittaker, Director, Pensions
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Eleanor Dobson, Manager, Pensions
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Sarah Lacey, Senior Manager, Pensions Audit
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Richard Smith, Client Solutions, Lane4